Gypsy's Apothecary

Weekly Tarot Card
​Shakti is the divine force of all of life. Every being has it's own Shakti energy. The essence of this energy is to destroy all evil and restore balance where life has become run by those energies that are of inferior aspects of the human condition.. Is there something in your life that needs to change? Skakti has appeared in support of clearing out the evils oppressing your true nature and helping you to restore balance. This is not slow change but a sharp death and rebirth leaving behind that which holds you back or has strings on you. This energy is not necessarily something we can initiate or stop. Whether you support the wave of change or fight it; this is out of your hands. See the truth in these coming changes to ease the abrupt growth and allowing yourself to be open to the new in life that is headed your way. A good way to synch up your energy with Shakti is to lie back and take the deepest breath you can. Hold as long as possible and then release the entire breath completely emptying out the lungs. Hold this space as long as you can before filling the lungs with another deepest of breaths. Holding at the top. Repeat as many times as necessary to find calmness come over your body. If you concentrate on the spaces between breaths this is where Shakti does her work. At the initiation of the out breath this is the destruction of the old and death. The hold the end of the exhale is the space before the new life is to be brought in through the next deep breath.Breathe in deeply the energy of this transformation and become an observer of the new ride.