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Absentia Reiki

​A 30 minute distance Reiki session. Focuses on moving blocked energetic patterns and creating harmony with in a person's energetic body to promote positive change.
​A 45,60 or 90 minute guided chakra balancing and clearing meditation. Clears energetic blockages to balance and recharge all 7 chakra centers; promoting renewal and well being to move beyond mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease.
3 consecutive evenings of absentia Reiki or 2 hours in person of clearing, balancing and stagnant energy resolution. Helps to break stale patterns of energy and clear them out of your energetic body to promote change and well being. Tarot readings will be used to fine tune the focus of issues to be dissolved. A 30 minute live consultation, after the third absentia  or in person session, will be included to discuss patterns that were revealed and a plan of forward motion.
Absentia Reiki is the universal life force energy, commonly known as Chi, sent at a distance to relax the body and calm the mind while balancing the body's energetic centers. Absentia Reiki feels quite the same as a hands on Reiki session and can actually be more powerful because of the focus and intent used to send the universal life force energy to a specific subject. Absentia is an online Reiki session. Energy blockages and  negative stressors can be worked with at a deeper level because of the remote ability absentia allows to the client for a Reiki session. Please include a recent photograph, your full birth date, first, middle and last names with your appointment request for proper absentia work.
Absentia Reiki Session
Guided Balancing and Clearing Meditation
Deep Energy Resolution
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