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Winning the Lottery

by Lori McDonald on 01/24/13

A recent transition of a dear relative got me thinking. Dependent upon your specific spiritual beliefs about death, those last moments very quickly calculate up every scenario of an individual's life and bring to a very sharp focus the tininess of all the things that are worth having spent time doing in our lifetime. Strange how "their" death turns into a somewhat selfish thought process about how we are being affected by this individuals passing. This event is solely a journey for the dying and we are but observers as we watch with morbid curiosity a dear relative change into a soulless body ~ a past identity. Watching as a student how brave, vulnerable, anger, fear, exhaustion and acceptance give way to peace. Peace. We are born and learn and love and strive. Hoping our accomplishments bring us to the golden realm of a life with peace. Peace. Every lesson, every challenge every difficulty or anguish seems silly when all of us are granted this simple most important treasure with a 100 percent guarantee at the end of this illusion. Time and space are a relativity recent human invention, in spiritual terms, deducing peace is a constant. Since the observing parties present at a person's final moments are students and witnesses of this transformation we call death, isn't the lesson ours? Isn't our loved one passing  to us the most precious and amazing universal knowledge...

That at this end there is nothing. Nothing but Unconditional LOVE...aka Peace.

This changes things. Every ending in life whether losing a loved one, a job, a cherished goal or material object is this same process we call death. After the acceptance to that which is leaving comes about, a little bit of magic presents itself. We experience peace for a pause and then new life unfolds before our eyes.  Each death in our lives brings us closer to our truth. Our concepts of ourselves and everyone around us shift and we are stripped of the irrelevant and immature step by step drawing us to nothing but Peace. 

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1. Richard Thomas said on 2/17/13 - 05:05PM
trust your Idea of a power, sourse, god greater than yourself. Unconditionaly love all his children. You know your creator when you see him, her .it in the eyes of those you thought were your enemy.

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