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What I Am Eating Ate

by Lori McDonald on 05/01/15

Being focused on eating the proper foods, which ones will balance our bodies the best, bypassing allergies and eating clean all realy goes one step further; what did my food eat? Many people are doing their best to detoxify their bodies by eating organic and clean food but this cycle of cleanliness starts at the source; soils and water. Agriculture has been very helpful to feed the masses but many have now awakened to the nutrients in soil creating healthier food and better flavors when the land has been treated kindly. Treat the land and water with kindness and the earth will give back the gift of the most nutritious food that tastes the best. Ask any bio dynamic farmer about the importance of crop rotation to add nutrients back into the soils. Just as with our bodies we need a variety of clean and healthy foods to stay balanced and at optimum health. Moving beyond the plant kingdom, allergic reactions can pop up even if you think you did not consume the allergen. For example chickens are, on the large scale, fed cheap and nutritiously stripped grain. If a person with a grain allergy consumes these eggs their can often times be a reaction to the grain in the consumer. Truly we are what we eat. Get to know your food. Become inspired by the differences in flavor between locally grown, organic, bio dynamic food and commercial food. Eating to balance the body goes beyond doshas and begins at the cleanest most nutrient rich food you can find for optimum health. Whether this is a call to forage in your local forest for edibles to add into your diet or to grow your own vegetables, every step in this direction not only increases your health but the health of our world.

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