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Heart and Head...

by Lori McDonald on 10/27/12

Reading tarot for many years has been fascinating. From reading for many girls in the Dominican Republic to student pilots at university they all share one common thread. "How do I make the BEST decision."  Some clients are ruled by the heart while others are ruled by the head. I find it the best and most sound practice to find balance between the two. A reading that gives guidance in a direction that is not what your heart was wishing for many be a blessing in disguise. A different path or a new opportunity may arise to make what you are wishing for even better than you had hoped for; in a different form than you had envisioned. It is a gift of waiting to fine tune what you desire and pray for the best possible outcome.

On the other end of the spectrum, receiving a reading that clarifies you will soon have what you were hoping for can be a burden. Imagine you wanted a new position at work and the cards all point to your new promotion and a substantial financial increase. Sometimes having this knowledge can backfire if one forgets to be grateful. Over confidence and pride are quite sabotaging energies. Remember to be grateful for every little improvement and blessing in your life as this will bring more of these types of situations and energy your way.

Readings are a great tool to really learn about your emotional balance and how it effects your productivity from day to day. A positive reading may put you into overdrive while a reading that says to "wait a while" may bring you into a more logical state to think through your feelings. The tarot is an amazing tool to grow emotionally and to have fun stretching your intuitive muscles. There really isn't a good or bad after you play out both sides of a problem. Just perceptions. :-)

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