The Magic of Mate and the Pitta Dosha : Perceptions
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The Magic of Mate and the Pitta Dosha

by Lori McDonald on 04/23/15

A few years back I give credit to a couple of friends from Argentina for introducing me to mate. The health benefits are amazing and mate has synchonistically popped into my life again on a regular basis.While time and years speed along, finding balance in life seems to be on a more and more subtle level. What we consume, consort with, read and listen to on a daily basis is truly what we become, attract into our lives and what we experience internally and externally. With these experiences in life, the theory of using food as your medicine and the theories of Ayurvedic wisdom are ones that seems to make sense and really change everything. As I grow deeper and deeper into the wisdom of mate, and the balancing of the three doshas, I was so sad to notice my digestive system begin to disagree with mate. Most research I found online suggests pitta dosha types to avoid tea, coffee and yerba mate. No. no, this will never do. Learning that overactive doshas increase or decrease during seasons of the year there has to be an answer as summer is coming and pitta will begin to flare hotter and brighter. So far my remedy has been to add green cardamom, cilantro, mint or dill to the mate before steeping. While this does change up the flavor of mate there is a cooling sensation as it works its way down the digestive tract and so far the indigestion has not surfaced as before! This = very happy. :) Fresh herbs seem to give the freshest taste but when not readily available dry versions work well and blend nicely with the dried mate. The next adventure is mixing a pitta balancing tea blend with the mate. Keeping positive  thoughts and sending love in advance that this will blend well to make pitta mate magic and bring more mate wisdom to many doorsteps. xo

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