Synchronicities : Perceptions
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by Lori McDonald on 02/23/13

The manifesting process can be a delicate one when we add worrying into the mix. just as your parents used to tell you "Stop worrying it will all come to you and work out." After you have spent an amount of time focusing your intention, visualizing, meditating, praying and letting go it can sometimes take a bit for the energy we put out to come back; because we are worrying about the outcome or trying to direct or control the way in which our manifestation comes to us. This stagnates the process because the energy that we are supposed to release completely (so it can come back to us in a physical form) is trapped in out minds or emotional body. We are in our own way. This is the time to inject play into your life. Go to the mall, park, a movie or visit with some friends. Better yet celebrate what is about to come to you and throw a party! Get all that energy out of your body and you will then see your return. At first you will notice coincidences. As you notice more coincidences and acknowledge them, even more will come showing that your prize is near. When you see these synchronicities increase in number, attach that moment to the feeling of complete gratefulness as this will speed your goal to you even faster. The synchronicities may be snippets of conversation, a stranger says at the grocery store, that answer a question you have about your goal. Repetitious numbers, colors, visuals or seeing other situations similar to your goal are also positive signs your manifestation is near. This is the magic of synchronicity and manifesting the life you wish to live. Cheers! There is no such thing as a's all real and on it's way to your doorstep!

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