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Return on Investment

by Lori McDonald on 04/09/14

While conversing with a friend this evening we joked about how souls were checking out in large groups the last 10 years or so. Could it possibly be to accommodate the influx of new souls waiting to come to earth? There has to be a bigger picture...but then again maybe I just swallowed too much hippie juice back in the day, and it's all about balance after all. Death and rebirth ,death and rebirth. The harshness of schoolyard shootings, missing airplanes,landslides, earthquakes and hurricanes;do we choose these realities? I understand to have the light there must be darkness and there are lessons to be had in the depths of each energetic pattern in existence. Why then do many people choose to focus and repeat to others the mishaps, the tragedies, lies, gossip and the sadness life can bring?

It's an easy formula to implicate; "I heard", "she said", "It's so sad, did you hear?" It's all gossip. Why would you allow this immaturity in your experience? Be above it. Acknowledge the bigger picture, the story, bless it and be thankful for the story's bigger part it is playing. Look to the future of how these tragedies are going to adjust humanity for the better.

Many great masters have taught the same precept of  "We create our own reality." Have you ever actually put this concept to an honest test? Meditate. Just sit. Do nothing. There is as much light in this world as you choose to let in. Go on a negativity diet and nurture yourself for 30 days. I dare you. Keep a journal and notice how the stories that come to you change over the next 30 days. There is peace in the void that brings forth the importance of everything and nothing. When you finish your quest, what stories do you  now hear?

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