Gypsy's Apothecary


What I Am Eating Ate

by Lori McDonald on 05/01/15

Being focused on eating the proper foods, which ones will balance our bodies the best, bypassing allergies and eating clean all realy goes one step further; what did my food eat? Many people are doing their best to detoxify their bodies by eating organic and clean food but this cycle of cleanliness starts at the source; soils and water. Agriculture has been very helpful to feed the masses but many have now awakened to the nutrients in soil creating healthier food and better flavors when the land has been treated kindly. Treat the land and water with kindness and the earth will give back the gift of the most nutritious food that tastes the best. Ask any bio dynamic farmer about the importance of crop rotation to add nutrients back into the soils. Just as with our bodies we need a variety of clean and healthy foods to stay balanced and at optimum health. Moving beyond the plant kingdom, allergic reactions can pop up even if you think you did not consume the allergen. For example chickens are, on the large scale, fed cheap and nutritiously stripped grain. If a person with a grain allergy consumes these eggs their can often times be a reaction to the grain in the consumer. Truly we are what we eat. Get to know your food. Become inspired by the differences in flavor between locally grown, organic, bio dynamic food and commercial food. Eating to balance the body goes beyond doshas and begins at the cleanest most nutrient rich food you can find for optimum health. Whether this is a call to forage in your local forest for edibles to add into your diet or to grow your own vegetables, every step in this direction not only increases your health but the health of our world.

The Magic of Mate and the Pitta Dosha

by Lori McDonald on 04/23/15

A few years back I give credit to a couple of friends from Argentina for introducing me to mate. The health benefits are amazing and mate has synchonistically popped into my life again on a regular basis.While time and years speed along, finding balance in life seems to be on a more and more subtle level. What we consume, consort with, read and listen to on a daily basis is truly what we become, attract into our lives and what we experience internally and externally. With these experiences in life, the theory of using food as your medicine and the theories of Ayurvedic wisdom are ones that seems to make sense and really change everything. As I grow deeper and deeper into the wisdom of mate, and the balancing of the three doshas, I was so sad to notice my digestive system begin to disagree with mate. Most research I found online suggests pitta dosha types to avoid tea, coffee and yerba mate. No. no, this will never do. Learning that overactive doshas increase or decrease during seasons of the year there has to be an answer as summer is coming and pitta will begin to flare hotter and brighter. So far my remedy has been to add green cardamom, cilantro, mint or dill to the mate before steeping. While this does change up the flavor of mate there is a cooling sensation as it works its way down the digestive tract and so far the indigestion has not surfaced as before! This = very happy. :) Fresh herbs seem to give the freshest taste but when not readily available dry versions work well and blend nicely with the dried mate. The next adventure is mixing a pitta balancing tea blend with the mate. Keeping positive  thoughts and sending love in advance that this will blend well to make pitta mate magic and bring more mate wisdom to many doorsteps. xo

Return on Investment

by Lori McDonald on 04/09/14

While conversing with a friend this evening we joked about how souls were checking out in large groups the last 10 years or so. Could it possibly be to accommodate the influx of new souls waiting to come to earth? There has to be a bigger picture...but then again maybe I just swallowed too much hippie juice back in the day, and it's all about balance after all. Death and rebirth ,death and rebirth. The harshness of schoolyard shootings, missing airplanes,landslides, earthquakes and hurricanes;do we choose these realities? I understand to have the light there must be darkness and there are lessons to be had in the depths of each energetic pattern in existence. Why then do many people choose to focus and repeat to others the mishaps, the tragedies, lies, gossip and the sadness life can bring?

It's an easy formula to implicate; "I heard", "she said", "It's so sad, did you hear?" It's all gossip. Why would you allow this immaturity in your experience? Be above it. Acknowledge the bigger picture, the story, bless it and be thankful for the story's bigger part it is playing. Look to the future of how these tragedies are going to adjust humanity for the better.

Many great masters have taught the same precept of  "We create our own reality." Have you ever actually put this concept to an honest test? Meditate. Just sit. Do nothing. There is as much light in this world as you choose to let in. Go on a negativity diet and nurture yourself for 30 days. I dare you. Keep a journal and notice how the stories that come to you change over the next 30 days. There is peace in the void that brings forth the importance of everything and nothing. When you finish your quest, what stories do you  now hear?


by Lori McDonald on 02/23/13

The manifesting process can be a delicate one when we add worrying into the mix. just as your parents used to tell you "Stop worrying it will all come to you and work out." After you have spent an amount of time focusing your intention, visualizing, meditating, praying and letting go it can sometimes take a bit for the energy we put out to come back; because we are worrying about the outcome or trying to direct or control the way in which our manifestation comes to us. This stagnates the process because the energy that we are supposed to release completely (so it can come back to us in a physical form) is trapped in out minds or emotional body. We are in our own way. This is the time to inject play into your life. Go to the mall, park, a movie or visit with some friends. Better yet celebrate what is about to come to you and throw a party! Get all that energy out of your body and you will then see your return. At first you will notice coincidences. As you notice more coincidences and acknowledge them, even more will come showing that your prize is near. When you see these synchronicities increase in number, attach that moment to the feeling of complete gratefulness as this will speed your goal to you even faster. The synchronicities may be snippets of conversation, a stranger says at the grocery store, that answer a question you have about your goal. Repetitious numbers, colors, visuals or seeing other situations similar to your goal are also positive signs your manifestation is near. This is the magic of synchronicity and manifesting the life you wish to live. Cheers! There is no such thing as a's all real and on it's way to your doorstep!

Winning the Lottery

by Lori McDonald on 01/24/13

A recent transition of a dear relative got me thinking. Dependent upon your specific spiritual beliefs about death, those last moments very quickly calculate up every scenario of an individual's life and bring to a very sharp focus the tininess of all the things that are worth having spent time doing in our lifetime. Strange how "their" death turns into a somewhat selfish thought process about how we are being affected by this individuals passing. This event is solely a journey for the dying and we are but observers as we watch with morbid curiosity a dear relative change into a soulless body ~ a past identity. Watching as a student how brave, vulnerable, anger, fear, exhaustion and acceptance give way to peace. Peace. We are born and learn and love and strive. Hoping our accomplishments bring us to the golden realm of a life with peace. Peace. Every lesson, every challenge every difficulty or anguish seems silly when all of us are granted this simple most important treasure with a 100 percent guarantee at the end of this illusion. Time and space are a relativity recent human invention, in spiritual terms, deducing peace is a constant. Since the observing parties present at a person's final moments are students and witnesses of this transformation we call death, isn't the lesson ours? Isn't our loved one passing  to us the most precious and amazing universal knowledge...

That at this end there is nothing. Nothing but Unconditional LOVE...aka Peace.

This changes things. Every ending in life whether losing a loved one, a job, a cherished goal or material object is this same process we call death. After the acceptance to that which is leaving comes about, a little bit of magic presents itself. We experience peace for a pause and then new life unfolds before our eyes.  Each death in our lives brings us closer to our truth. Our concepts of ourselves and everyone around us shift and we are stripped of the irrelevant and immature step by step drawing us to nothing but Peace. 

Heart and Head...

by Lori McDonald on 10/27/12

Reading tarot for many years has been fascinating. From reading for many girls in the Dominican Republic to student pilots at university they all share one common thread. "How do I make the BEST decision."  Some clients are ruled by the heart while others are ruled by the head. I find it the best and most sound practice to find balance between the two. A reading that gives guidance in a direction that is not what your heart was wishing for many be a blessing in disguise. A different path or a new opportunity may arise to make what you are wishing for even better than you had hoped for; in a different form than you had envisioned. It is a gift of waiting to fine tune what you desire and pray for the best possible outcome.

On the other end of the spectrum, receiving a reading that clarifies you will soon have what you were hoping for can be a burden. Imagine you wanted a new position at work and the cards all point to your new promotion and a substantial financial increase. Sometimes having this knowledge can backfire if one forgets to be grateful. Over confidence and pride are quite sabotaging energies. Remember to be grateful for every little improvement and blessing in your life as this will bring more of these types of situations and energy your way.

Readings are a great tool to really learn about your emotional balance and how it effects your productivity from day to day. A positive reading may put you into overdrive while a reading that says to "wait a while" may bring you into a more logical state to think through your feelings. The tarot is an amazing tool to grow emotionally and to have fun stretching your intuitive muscles. There really isn't a good or bad after you play out both sides of a problem. Just perceptions. :-)